Sunday 9th

Here’s what’s happening on the last day of the festival:

12:00-16:00 – Open garden with Kneiken communal garden


Did you know there is an edible garden in the middle of Trondheim? Kneiken Felleshage is an urban community garden in Bakklandet where food is grown with organic and permaculture principles. On the 9th of september Kneiken host «open garden» as a part of Klimafestivalen 2018.
Come and be inspired by their plants, get a guided tour of the garden, meed the dedicated people behind the project, enjoy a cup of coffe and learn more about urban cultivation. Here you can use all of your senses while you take in the beauty of nature, in the middle of the city. Get your fingers into the soil and get re-connected.
Kneiken felleshage is located at Lillegårdbakken 16 on Bakklandet.




12:00-12:30 – Breath and movement workshop: Lunch break with WCU


A different kind of lunch break where certified yoga instructor Irene Domínguez guides you through a pattern of movement and breathing. This workshop has free admission and suits everyone, regardless of age and physical condition. On Sunday, the workshop is held at Trondheim Taiji centre.



14:00-15:30 – Workshop: Easy vegan cooking

Workshop-holder Avi







16:00-18:00 – Meeting: Ecovillage initiation Trondheim

Do you live in Trøndelag and wish for a green, nature-based and sustainable home? Would you like to live in smaller communities where people share the same visions about how to live a good quality life? Do you want to figure out an efficient way of living close to nature and yet not too far away from the city? If you want to contribute to plan/create/live in ecovillages and eco-city parts in Trøndelag, feel very welcome to join this open meeting!

17:00-20:00 – Meditation evening with Trondheim Meditasjon

Second of the two Grønn fest Trondheim meditasjon are hosting! This will be a meditation evening, where the aim is to help you find inner peace and inspiration to change the world, little by little.

19:00-21:00 – Movie night: NorVEGGan

NorVEGGian is an Independent documentary created by Swethnag Padakandla and Sushma Swethnag to document various initiatives taken by Norwegians to move towards Plant based diet.
In this documentary several myths pertaining to environment, diet, and animal treatment are covered along with link between yoga and vegeterianism.
The screening will be accompanied by some plantbased nibbles – so join us for a green movie night at Stammen!

21:00-23:00 – End of festival: Live music at Stammen

Join us at Stammen for a cozy end-of-the-festival gathering. Live music by El Brote:
El Brote is a music duet by Natalia Cesari and Luis della Mea from Argentina. They perform a selection of tangos and folklore from Argentina that will let you capture the nostalgic feeling and the passion of their homeland music.