Thursday 6th

Here’s what’s happening on the festival’s opening day!

11:00-17:00 – Clothes repair at Prisløs

Logo Prisløs vintage & second hand


Do you have a hole in your sweater that you never fix or missing buttons on your shirt? Bring it to Prisløs and they’ll fix it for you so you can use it again! So as many people as possible can get their clothes fixed, there is a limit to 1 garment per person. In addition, they only have the capacity for easier fixes but if you want something more complex, come in and they’ll see what we can do for you! You’ll find Prisløs Vintage & Second hand at Brattørgata 1.





12:00-12:30 – Breath and movement workshop: Lunch break with WCU

A different kind of lunch break where certified yoga instructor Irene Domínguez guides you through a pattern of movement and breathing. This workshop has free admission and suits everyone, regardless of age and physical condition.
On Thursday, the workshop will be held sitting, and take place at Havstein Sykehjem.


17:00-18:30 and 19:00-20:30 – Guided garden tour in Stephen Barstow’s amazing garden

Stephen Barstow

We will visit «The Extreme Salad Man» Stephen Barstow! He has been awarded for his impressive effort to encourage people to use a greater variety of plants for cooking. He will show us his impressive garden with over 2000 edible plants and teach us about vegetables native to Norwegian soil. Barstow’s wonderful garden is recognised as a LAND-centre by the Norwegian Permaculture Assosciation, and is thus part of a vibrant network of vibrant permaculture sites for visits and learning. Barstow’s book Around the World in 80 Plants is available to purchase, as well as a selection of lovely plants.
Meet at the garden’s address: Malvikvegen 418, 7563 Malvik
Go by bus! Get on bus 38 from the city centre and hop off at the stop Naustkleiva. Then there’s a few minutes walk to Barstow’s garden!
Please reserve a space on Hoopla.


17:00-19:00 – Grønn Fest with Trondheim Meditasjon

Trondheim Meditasjon & Yoga hosts a two-part Grønn fest («green party») during the festival, the first happening on Thursday, and the second one on Sunday. On Thursday, they hold a seminar on the causes of the exploitation of the Earth’s resources. Program for the evening:
18:00 – Vegan dinner
18:45 – Meditation
19:00 – Seminar: «Root cause of the Environmental Crisis»
Tea & cake.
Please send a text with your name and what day you’d like to attend to +47 410 75 816, so they know in advance how much food to prepare! Address: Prinsens gate 53.